Can I be addicted to suffering?

A man holding his head with pain speaking to doctor

You may have heard the phrase, “Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional.” Pain is something that all humans experience. It arises out of physical and emotional discomfort, loss or change in a world where change is constant. Therefore, pain is inevitable. Suffering happens when the mind focuses on pain to the degree that it ignores everything else. Suffering happens when the mind does not move past the pain. It ruminates and keeps the person stuck.

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Addicted to Feeling Bad

January 13, 2021 This is a transcription of one of Nate’s voice memos, recorded five months before his death. Today was a weird day. I have, a lot of weird days right now. I feel raw – emotionally raw, like, I have no skin. Every touch stings. Even the wind blowing stings my skin. That’s…

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Death by Suicide Part 1

A poster on loving memory of death by suicide

If you have lost someone to suicide, let me first start by saying that I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one to death by suicide is like a triple whammy of losses: grief + sudden loss + trauma. Grief is what we feel as we process and try to make sense…

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