Can I be addicted to suffering?

A poster on addicted to feeling bad part 2

Feelings control much of how we experience life. Emotions produce chemicals in the brain that can make us feel euphoric or incredible pain and suffering. My late-husband thought he was addicted to feeling bad. He knew his feelings of shame and unworthiness were making him physically sick, and yet – he couldn’t stop the ruminating…

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Addicted to Feeling Bad

January 13, 2021 This is a transcription of one of Nate’s voice memos, recorded five months before his death. Today was a weird day. I have, a lot of weird days right now. I feel raw – emotionally raw, like, I have no skin. Every touch stings. Even the wind blowing stings my skin. That’s…

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Death by Suicide Part 1

A poster on loving memory of death by suicide

If you have lost someone to suicide, let me first start by saying that I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one to death by suicide is like a triple whammy of losses: grief + sudden loss + trauma. Grief is what we feel as we process and try to make sense…

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