Using movement, mindfulness & mastery to live your best life with joy, clarity & connection



Using movement, mindfulness & mastery to live your best life with joy, clarity & connection

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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Life on planet Earth can be painful, confusing, overwhelming and scary. We aren’t given a guidebook or even basic training on how to live when we’re born. Instead, we are raised by other humans, often navigating life in a state of autopilot, programmed to react to people and events. I’ve spent 40+ years on my own journey of healing and growth, hungry to learn more about how to overcome the challenges we humans beings face, such as: self-doubt, poor physical health, addiction & cravings, mental health issues, low energy, lack of joy, stress, fatigue, feeling small and more. read more.

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Mission Statement

My mission is to inspire healthy living, physical health, mental/emotional health & spiritual health through movement, mindfulness practices and mastery of the body and mind.  

A message from Melisa

Namaste and welcome! You have taken an important step toward being your best you and living your best life. My name is Melisa Uchida. I am a movement specialist, yoga educator, coach, writer, teacher, mystic and most importantly, parent to three amazing humans. I have spent my life searching for ways to create healthy connections with my body, healing emotional wounds and for finding meaning in life’s toughest of times. I teach only techniques and practices that I have experienced first-hand and know to be true. The principles in my offerings have been tried and tested, lived and applied, proven to work in my own life and the lives of hundreds of people I have taught and mentored.

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Your Journey with Melisa Uchida is based on three primary principles.



Moving our bodies is key to overall health and it's important to do something you enjoy. Yoga, walking, dancing, weight training or stretching are great ways to get moving. Movement helps to keep our physical bodies strong, mobile and pain-free. Movement changes our mood by releasing endorphins, releases tension & traumas that are stored in the  body and keeps us mobile. 



Being mindful means paying attention to whatever we are doing at that time. Most of the time, our body is in one place while the mind is thinking about something else. Mindfulness practices teach us to pay attention to what we are doing (behaviors) as well as our thoughts. We learn to create a pause, so we are not reactive and this allows us to be able to identify the thoughts that cause paralysis, anxiety, self-doubt, resentment, jealousy and other feelings that hold people back from living their best lives.



Mastery of anything comes with consistent practice of a skill or behavior. When we practice specific skills consistently, (both physically and through visualization) we are able to achieve mastery of our bodies and minds. I spent decades being a slave to food cravings, diets and low vibration thoughts that kept me depressed, anxious, angry and feeling small. For the past 30+ years, I've been obsessed with learning and refining techniques to become a master of my body and mind, rather than a slave. The journey is not easy, it requires tenacity and being willing to never give up. There were times I thought I would never be able to change my relationship with food, alcohol, drugs, other people, or my relationship with myself. I was addicted to sugar, exercise, co-dependent relationships, people pleasing and negative thoughts. I am by no means a "master." But, I am committed to mastery of the game of life, committed to being better and giving myself and others the space to fall, fail and get up again. When my thoughts, language and actions are higher than the Melisa of 10, 5, even one year ago - I know I'm on th right path. You too can create the freedom to live your most authentic, joyful and vibrant life.


“Melisa has an extremely thorough knowledge base about all things connected to yoga and the grace and patience to give individual mentorship to each yogi. Her energy alone is worth the price of admission. Absolutely the best thing I have done for myself in years!” —Josh Dreiband.

“Melisa encompasses the essence of a yoga guru: she is kind, knowledgeable, incredibly wise, and a very talented teacher. She is truly what makes this Yoga Teacher Training the best.” —Caroline C.

“For me, it was a transformational experience. Not only did the training made me physically and mentally stronger and more flexible, it also gave me the tools for a happier and more balanced life. I cannot wait to share this gift with my yoga students!” —Maya D.

“Melisa is an extraordinarily gifted speaker, teacher, and human . What a joy to learn from her!” —Allison Doriss.

“Melisa's gifts go way beyond her advanced practice on the mat. Way beyond - Melisa has an ability to unify people, instill passion, embrace vulnerability, unveil suppressed emotions and personal gifts that we all have and might not have even known. She is passionate about the true philosophy, spirituality, and meaning of yoga. I am physically stronger, I am wiser, I am calmer, I am more patient, I am more curious. It is never too late, and we are certainly never too "old" to continue to grow!” —Patti M.

"Even though I have practiced yoga for many years, starting YTT came about rather unexpectedly for me. In hindsight, I now know it was providence that led me to become a student of Melisa Uchida. I went into YTT with the goal of becoming a Registered Yoga Instructor, but I left with so much more than a certification. Melisa gives her heart and soul to her teaching, and her passion for both the philosophy and practice of yoga is contagious. She invites her students to become more authentically themselves while equipping them with all the necessary tools to teach. We laughed a lot, we cried a lot, and we worked really hard. Without a doubt, I am a better and truer person of integrity after completing Melisa's 200hr yoga teacher training. I will be forever grateful.” —Jessica I.

Melisa has a tremendous gift that allows her students to explore their own practice while learning the fundamentals needed to give the gift of Yoga to others. Her dedication to excellence provides a perfect place to launch from, and learning alongside fellow yoga-enthusiasts is comforting and pushes you towards your goals.” —Courtney B.

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