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Holistic Health Expert & Coach Body-Mind-Soul Mechanic

Hi and welcome! 

My name is Melisa Uchida. As a mechanic for the body, mind and soul, I help identify root issues that are causing problems in people's lives. Once identified, we reprogram the body and mind with habits, thoughts and beliefs that support individuals on their own unique journeys. Basically, I help people get unstuck. If your car were stalling, you'd take it to a mechanic to fix the problem, right? Human operate in the same way, we stall or break down, often due to a loss or breakup, sickness, dis-ease or any of many life transitions. Many of my clients have physical pain, are in grief, experience anxiety or depression, or simply feel stuck in their lives. I provide a safe, therapeutic space for self-exploration, with a wide range of techniques to improve health, quality of life, shifts in perspective and improved connection with others. My approach is based on the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and so my approach incorporates spiritual, energetic, mental and physical and environmental techniques and methodologies. 

I am also a parent with a fierce desire to provide my children with as many advantages as possible. I am a single mom raising three children wholeheartedly.  I've been though divorce in my first marriage, then widowed in my second. I understand the challenges parents face and am passionate about supporting and educating parents in how to fill their buckets, so they can best show up for their kids. I specialize in helping parents recreate their families, for connection, love and making home safe space for children to thrive. I use a system I created in my own parenting that puts the responsibility of parenting back on parents. I work with parents to identify underlying patterns, habits and beliefs that could potentially be causing harm to their families, unknowingly. Most of us default to parenting techniques our parents used in times of stress. For me, this was yelling, being critical and complaining. Those defaults were not helping my children, in fact, after my husband died, I saw that my autopilot parenting was hurting my kids.

I began a personal quest to change my personal reality by changing my personality, and becoming the parent my children needed me to be for their highest good. I use several techniques including: expanded awareness, reverse engineering, visualization, Reiki & energy work, Intention & Attention, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, art therapy, meditation, movement, self-reflection and more to identify and change limiting behaviors and thoughts. I use this with children and adolescents, parents, and end-of-life clients as well. 

I'm passionate about human health and sharing and inspiring people to use the best techniques, practices and conditions for physical, mental, energetic and spiritual health, so that you and your loved ones can live their best lives. 



I learned early on that things happen in life beyond my control. I could be pissed off about them, or adapt and discover the opportunities in hardships.

I'm mixed race, Okinawan & white (hapa-haoli). I was born in Hawaii and my parents divorced when I was eight. I moved to California with my mom, so she could go to law school and my life went from happy, loved and secure to feeling abandoned, alone and like I didn't belong anywhere. I lived with a stressed out, unpredictable and controlling parent. By 13, I was drinking, having sex and running away. I dealt with mental health and substance abuse issues throughout my teenage years. I was sent to reform school ages 15-17 and there, I had the stability and safety that I didn't know I craved and needed. I started meditating and exercising, which would become lifelong practices. I was so passionate about yoga and meditation, that a decade later, made a career of teaching yoga and meditation. 

My second husband died by suicide in June, 2021. He'd struggled with mental health for two years during the pandemic. The night he died, he strangled me. I had, what I would later discover, was a near-death experience. My NDE, combined with gut-wrenching grief work, changed my perspective of life and death. It changed how I experience and therefore, live my life.

I was in heavy grief for almost a year when each of my three children, in their own ways, told me, they needed me here, on Earth, parenting them. I was in so much pain that I didn't think it would be possible to wake up every day, excited for the day, eager to move forward and to be the example I needed to be for my kids. But I knew I had to give it my best. I knew if I didn't, my three children and I would suffer. I wanted to greet the day with curiosity, gratitude and awe. I wanted to be an example of love, strength, resilience, grace and health for my children. I had to choose between living a shell of an existence, or living fully. And so began my personal quest, of reprogramming my body and mind to be better than I had been before my husband died. I needed to be better in my parenting, in my outlook in life, in my ability to regulate my emotions, in my ability to be mindful and run a household. I had to learn to make and follow a budget, fix drywall and unclog pipes. I also had to learn how to identify my own blindspots - patterns and habits that were hurting my family and to create a vision of the future, for all of us. 

The things I learned, I practiced over and over, vigilant in my commitment to being my best self. I learned to fail, to make mistakes, to get clear on my priorities and to give myself permission to have different values and priorities than the old Melisa. I now teach this system of transformation to people who want to get unstuck and are ready to do the work. 

Personal transformation is not a new concept to me. Life wasn’t easy before Nate.

My teenage years were filled with fighting, violence, depression, self-harm and rebellion. My mom, like her sign of Aries, was combative, needed to be right, overly controlling and a law student. She worked full-time and went to law school at night. My brother Gavin and I were raised by babysitters and left to ourselves a lot. Our dad was stoic, prideful and like many traditional Japanese men, did not express his emotions. I felt like no-one cared about me, except for a couple of close friends. I ran way, lived on the streets, was in and out of psych hospitals, rehabs, juvenile hall and group homes. Finally, at 15, I was sent to reform school in Utah. In the two years I was at the Heritage School, I learned how to be less reactive to other people. The social workers and staff helped me to see that being angry and rebellious 24/7 was exhausting and would not take me where I wanted to go. I didn't know where I wanted to go, but I knew I was tired of being defensive and angry all the time. I started journaling and spending 30-minutes a day alone to reflect. It's a practice I still have to this day. 

Reform school is also where I started a food addiction. Without being able to use alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or sex to numb, I turned to what many addicts turn to - food. My addiction to sugar stuck with me for decades and I'm still not completely "free" of it. Food addiction was, and still is, the hardest to manage of all my addictions, because sugar is in just about everything we eat. 

I somehow made it through college (Boston University) with out too much trouble. Heartbreak and depression, yes, but I was not suicidal or self-harming. I drank a lot, but overall - the college years were some of my best. After college, I moved to NYC and was literally consumed by the nightlife. When my drug dealer told me that I was "too nice of a girl to be partying like I was" ... I knew I needed to make a change. Again, I ran away- this time back to Hawaii. 

In 1999, my boyfriend gave me an ultimatum - him or the booze. I chose him. This wasn't the first time I'd tried to quit drinking. But it was the first time I was committed to being sober. He ended up becoming a bartender and we broke up anyway. But he gave me the best gift - the grit to stay sober.  (We are still friends today, and I am so grateful for him.)

Without alcohol or my boyfriend, I was in major identity crisis. I was depressed and again turned to food to numb. I joined a gym, started training for marathons and triathlons. I became addicted to exercise and food. A cycle started: binge eating, hating myself for it, working out to burn calories, repeat.

One day, someone suggested I try the power yoga class at my gym. I went to this class with about 30 people in the room. I remember being stunned. Stunned at how gracefully the room moved as if they were one person in sync with the teacher hardly speaking.

Strugling to keep up, I was hot, tired, and winded. An older Korean woman next to me said, “Hang in there, honey. It will get easier.” I looked at her, and she must have been in her 70s. I was 23 and could not keep up.

Right then, I knew that she has got something I wanted—peace of mind. Contentment being herself, a lightness, not just physically but mentally—she was at peace. I committed myself to practice three to four times a week.

I followed my teacher to martial arts dojos and gymnastics gyms. Wherever he taught, I followed for $5 a class. At the time, I was living on canned tuna, rice, and sweet potatoes, so $15 a week was a big chunk of my budget.

But I started feeling good in my skin for the first time since I was maybe 6 or 7. Then my teacher headed to India for an annual trip to study with Sri K Pattabhi JOIS, the founder of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

James, my teacher, asked me to teach his classes while he was gone. Out of all the students, he asked me. This was before the 200-hour yoga teacher training, before yoga alliance.

We met several times a week and had me memorize the Ashtanga Primary Series and how to teach it. On this new path, I learned yoga philosophy.

Although I had been meditating since I was 15, I learned more ways to quiet my mind—for me at that time, moving meditation was key.

Since then, I have moved across the country and changed careers and locations. Gotten married had, kids, and divorced. Got married again, had another, taught full-time, had three amazing kids, started a yoga teacher training school.

I had taken and taught numerous in training sessions involving movement, exercise, physiology, anatomy, meditation, and mindfulness.

Now, I am a certified yoga teacher and teacher trainer, STOTT Pilates instructor, and have taken dozens of training on movement, exercise science, and mediation.

In 2011, I started Maka Movement, a school for yoga teachers that certifies teachers at the 200 and 300-hour levels. I went from being physically focused to being holistically focused.

I believe the body, mind, and spirit work together and that being healthy and being our best selves means taking care of our bodies through food, movement, and mindfulness. Caring for our minds means watching out for our thoughts since they create our reality.

I now know, we are all vibration and we are all one. We come from Source and we return to Source. Death does not exist and knowing this allows me to live life fully. The key to living life with resilience and grace is to have fun. Yup - To enjoy life! It sounds crazy, but we take ourselves so seriously. As humans - we judge ourselves and others, we make ourselves right and them wrong, we compare and complain. If we would focus on our own internal guiding system, take time each day to meditate and quiet the mind, give ourselves compassion and freedom to fall and play the game of life, we would get out of our own way and enjoy life a lot more! 

Transformation means we can't go back to seeing life through the eyes of our former selves, because that person no longer exists. My purpose is to share what I have learned with others, and create safe space for their growth and transformations. I am a teacher, a mentor, a mom, a mystic and a yogi. I have a burning desire to serve humanity. I offer online courses & workshops, in-person classes and workshops and trainings. My blog, YogiPunk, is a chronicle of my journey here on Earth and Nate's journey on the otherside, conscience parenting, parenting children with Sensory Processing Disorder, and the quest for physical, mental/emotional and spiritual wholeness. I look forward to being able to work with you and support you in your journey to living your best life.

Love & light,

Melisa Uchida, YogiPunk. 

What you get by working with me

Feel better in your body and improved body image.

Learn what foods to add and avoid for healthier body and mind.

Increase in energy. 

Improved contentment and satisfaction with your life.

Get better quality sleep and wake up refreshed.

Improved posture & Reduced pain.

A morning routine that sets you up for success.

An evening routine that allows self-reflection, gratitude and ease falling to sleep.

Reducing stress and anxiety by learning about the Automatic nervous system and techniques to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. 

How to connect with your highest self and tap into your internal compass for guidance. 

Eliminate decision-fatigue.

Improved confidence.



  • Increased mastery over your body
  • Increased strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Reduce pain, improve posture, and equanimity in the body
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Awareness of limiting blind spots
  • Increased contentment and peace in all areas of life
  • Decreased stress and tension
  • Increased productivity and energy
  • Renewed excitement about being alive
  • Closer connections with others
  • Less reactiveness, more patience, and the ability to navigate the ups and downs of life

Spiritual practices are personal, and I am careful to honor everyone’s beliefs. With my help, you can experience:

  • Increased or renewed connection to source energy
  • Feeling a part of something bigger than yourself
  • Wider, clearer, more positive perspective
  • More resilience
  • Hope and gratitude for being alive

Professional Certifications, trainings & memberships:

  • E-RTY-500 Yoga Alliance
  • RYS YA 200&300 hour schools
  • YACEP Yoga Alliance (certified to offer CEU for yoga teachers)
  • Certified Grief Educator, David Kessler
  • Infinite Possibilities Certified Instructor,
  • Ayurveda Practitioner, Scott Gerson
  • Reiki level 1&2
  • STOTT Pilates instructor, mat & reformer
  • The Landmark Forum
  • Advanced Course, Landmark Forum
  • Thai Yoga, Vedic Conservatory
  • Silva Ultramind Method practitioner
  • Member of MindValley tribe
  • Mediumship student, James Van Prague
  • Psychic Development Circle w/ Energy Medicine, Vitalife
  • Integrative Health Certificate
  • Member of the American Counseling Association
  • MA Global Leadership/Hawaii Pacific University
  • BA Journalism/Boston University

Work With Me

If you are interested in personal and physical transformation, yoga teacher training certification, or simply want to feel better all around, reach out to me today. I would love to help you.