YOGIPUNK blog: Articles on the quest for peace on earth.

YogiPunk is a blog about our quest to be free of suffering and have peace on Earth. We believe suffering is a universal human ailment and that through holistic healing, we can reduce and even eliminate suffering on the planet. We believe in our oneness and that humanity has never before been so tortured and awakened. We believe healing comes through integrating the body, mind and spirit and connecting to our wholeness and brilliance. We seek truth through love, ways to increase our awareness and compassion and living all that we teach. We aren’t afraid to try something, fail, tweak it and try again. We are tenacious in our journey of self-discovery and committed to sharing our findings with the world.

As punks, we question the status quo and don’t take anything at face value. Humans are sensual beings, constantly receiving input from our five senses. We know truth comes not from what we see, smell, taste, touch or hear, but from our other senses (intuition) and connecting with our highest selves. We aren’t afraid to call bullshit on those who want to keep people enslaved and blind. Instead, we offer alternative perspectives, practices and ways of being, in safe-space, without judgement or needing to be right. We encourage each person to be curious about what they believe and think to be true. We are like archeologists, digging up the roots of our belief systems, spreading them out, courageously looking closely at them, and choosing which beliefs are useful for our own unique purpose in this lifetime. We get rid of those which do not serve us with ease and non-attachment..

This blog is dedicated to Nate McQueen Uchida, aka Nathan Scott Casses (1980-2021). Nate was a seeker of truth, an artist, husband, father, friend, athlete and the original YogiPunk. He questioned everything with curiosity and an intense desire to know “why” everything works the way it does..

This blog is written by us in our continuing journey for answers to the mysteries of the universe..

Thank you for being a part of our journey. It is our intention, that the words you read here will impact you and those around you in positive, meaningful and powerful ways..

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