Inside each of us is a radiant light that shines bright, illuminating the path of the yogi

The yogi lives authentically with

peace, purpose and joy.


Share what you love! Make a difference in the world 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certifications

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification RYS

MaKa Movement's 200-hour yoga teacher training course is a comprehensive course designed for yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practice as well as yoga students who hope to teach. This course meets the requirements of Yoga Alliance, and includes modules in teaching methodology, yoga humanities, asana practice, anatomy & physiology, and practicum. 

Students will learn and practice techniques proven to reduce stress, improve mental and physical health, alignment of yoga asanas, pranayama techniques,  reduce stress and clear out mental fog, improve habits around eating, sleeping, and overall quality of life. This program is accredited by the Yoga Alliance. Melisa Uchida RYT500 is a master teacher with over 25 years of experience and has taught and mentored hundreds of teachers. Dagmar Bohlmann RYT500 

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200 Yoga Teacher Training curriculum 

  • History & Philosophy
  • History of Yoga
  • The 8-limbs of Yoga, The Yoga Sutras
  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • Living Yoga
  • Yoga lifestyle & self-care
  • Pranayama & Asana & Meditation
  • Meditation, self-study, journaling & personal development
  • Yoga anatomy & alignment
  • Personal practice advancement
  • Learn to teach a Modified Ashtanga
  • Vinyasa Yoga class
  • Vinyasa yoga sequencing arch & peak posture
  • Teaching all levels
  • Practice teaching clinics
  • Hands on assisting and adjustments
  • Teaching Skills
  • Effective cueing, voice, pace
  • Teaching with a purpose
  • Being authentic
  • Theming classes
  • Instructing self-assists & hands on adjustments
  • Modifications for classic asanas
  • Safe creative sequencing
  • Benefits of yoga
  • Business of YOGA
  • Ethics for yoga teachers
  • Business of Yoga

This training is designed to deepen your yoga practice, help you become more disciplined, increase your strength and flexibility and teach to connect with your deeper self. You will study asana (postures), pranayama (breath-work), mediation, self-reflection and philosophy. Learn the benefits of yoga, proper alignment and safe but creative sequencing. Feel empowered to express yourself authentically, learn leadership skills and ways to connect with your community. You will not only get physically stronger, but gain mental clarity, balance and awareness.


This training is for anyone who wants to make a difference in their community by offering movement and mindfulness classes to others, OR those who want to deepen their own yoga practices and learn more about yoga as it applies to their own bodies.  More than half the students in teacher training, take the course for personal growth and development, with no intention of teaching yoga. 

Financial assistance may be available for 200-hour yoga teacher trainees through the Community College of Baltimore County. Scholarship funds are not guaranteed and may be eligible to qualifying applicants.

CCBC Call Center ph.: (443) 840-4700

email cefinaid@ccbcmd.edu for questions and information regarding 200hour scholarships.

Click: https://javawebapp.ccbcmd.edu/CEFinancialAidForm/NewAccount.jsp?campaign=GenPA

Call Laverne R. or Donna L. at (443) 840-4700 to register for CCBC course.

This is a two-part course and you must register for Parts 1 & 2 to receive your 200-hour certificate. See CRN numbers at the top of this page and include them in your scholarship application.


"This was truly an exceptional experience. Melisa possesses a depth of knowledge, level of skill and thoroughness of teaching yoga that is incredible. It was a true immersion with, the readings, discussions, presentations and classes. We were given a 360 degree view of yoga. The histories, roots, the different styles, the philosophy and the many possibilities needed to be a yoga teacher as well as a student. If you’re interested in further learning and growing as a yogi, this would be The perfect teacher." Lloyd K.

E-MAIL: makamovement@gmail.com


A: The 200-hour program is a vinyasa yoga teacher training program based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method. During the first half of training, students learn a modified version of the Ashtanga Primary Series. The second half of training is spent creating unique, effective and safe classes based on breath, mindfulness and fluidity. Graduates will be able to teach classes for beginners to intermediate students.

A: Your level of commitment to learning, transformation, and the program is number one. We accept students who want to learn, are dedicated and willing to be uncomfortable. Applicants should have a minimum of one-year of consistent yoga practice and be physically able to practice yoga. If you have a physical limitation that prohibits your mobility, please email Melisa directly at makamovement@gmail.com to see if this training is appropriate for you.

A: Students are expected to practice yoga 3-5x/week, as both home practices and studio classes.

A: You can miss up to 20-hours and still graduate on-time. All absences must be cleared in advance. You are responsible for getting the missed material from your classmates. Unexcused absences, or missing more than 20-hours of training, will need to be made up with private sessions with one of MaKa’s teaching staff at a 1:2 ratio. If you know you have a conflict, put the dates on your registration form and someone will contact you.

A: CCBC offers payments plans as well as financial scholarships on a first come first serve basis for eligible applicants. Ask Laverne Robertson for payment plan or financial scholarship information.

A: Yes. You will have the proficiency, skills and certification needed to teach yoga classes and private clients. MaKa Yoga teacher training is a registered school with the Yoga Alliance, which is an international yoga board for yoga teachers. You will be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200. Our graduates teach at gyms, yoga studios, and throughout the community.


Melisa Uchida E-RYT 500, MA is a master yoga teacher and mentor. She is passionate about supporting others to become their most authentic, joyful and confident selves. In addition to the many physical benefits of yoga (reduce stress, improve posture and mood, increase longevity, decrease pain), yoga teacher training is a journey toward self-discovery. Students learn pranayama techniques, meditation, self-reflection and how the human body operates under different conditions, how life-events affect the body. Students learn to modify and adapt postures to meet their own and their students'  changing bodies. She embodies what it means to be a yogi. She is a compassionate teacher, focuses on teaching with clarity and a strong commitment to the art and science of yoga.

Dagmar Bohlmann, E-RYT is a yoga and Pilates teacher, wellness coach, freelance writer, and mother of two. Her yoga mat is where she find solace & serenity, balance & alignment. 
Her slow flowing yoga classes empower beginners and intermediate students to safely find the right positions that feel good in their bodies. She encourages students to connect with their bodies, relax into the posture, be present, and - perhaps just for a moment - still the turbulences of the mind.

Having had two hip replacements, she teach with compassion and genuine understanding for the need to modify. Dagmar has been teaching group fitness since 1993, but transitioned from the do-more, harder, high-impact gym rat mentality, to spending more time on the yoga mat and in nature. She founded YOGAhikes in 2015 to combine her two loves, yoga and outdoors. Visit Dagmar's website at www.dagmarbohlmann.com

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Start your Journey!!! 25-hour modules. Synchronous and asynchronous

Build up your teacher's toolbox ready for the next stage? 300 hour certification? This can done in modules.

  • Asana practice
  • Sequencing & theming for memorable classes
  • The Art of Effective Cueing
  • The Science of Yoga
  • Myths of Yoga
  • Advanced Asana Posture clinics
  • Improve Assisting & Adjustments
  • Thai Yoga
  • ​Yoga Philosophy & scriptures including the Vedas and Yoga Sutras
  • Study of Contemporary spiritual teachers
  • Compassion mediation
  • Mediation weekend immersion
  • History of Yoga through modern yoga
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Journaling and writing
  • Working with special populations
  • Yoga & alternative health
  • Postural Analysis & advanced anatomy
  • Working with private clients
  • Workshop Design
  • Ayurveda & yoga

Fun! Did I say FUN! Yes, this training is full of learning for those who are hungry to learn and open to the process. It's meant to be an enjoyable weekend immersion that you look forward to - to being with your peers in a supportive group, where you get to uncover and share what you are learning together.

This course is for students who have already completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training. This training is not based on a particular school of yoga. Students will be practicing and teaching several styles and formats, including gentle flow, chair yoga, aqua yoga, yoga for seniors, vinyasa, themed classes and more.

​Investment: $4,500 plus approximately $150 for books

$500 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance into the program.

Email Melisa at makamovement@gmail.com for an application.



We are here for student development and to provide you with the best education without an affiliation with any yoga studio. Our purpose is to teach you - the student. And provide the best training and education possible.

Many yoga studios teach one way. You learn their sequence and teach only that sequence. Our program is based on a traditional sequence called Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, with lots of modifications and learning how each posture fits different students. Students learn this traditional sequence first, to build a solid foundation for home practices and establish muscle memory and continuity. Then, learn how to create their own unique class sequences, based on physical abilities, personal tastes and creative sequencing. We offer hands on trainings and care about each participant. We are in existence to help the yoga community thrive and to educate and support teachers from all backgrounds.


While many teacher trainings today are taught by inexperienced or relatively new teachers, 80% of your classroom hours are taught by Master teacher, Melisa Casses. Melisa has more than 20-years of teaching experience, she’s worked with thousands of students and developed this course in order to offer high quality yoga teacher trainings for a reasonable cost. She understands how the practice changes as our bodies change, how to adjust the practice for different stages in life, how to work with subtle bodies and lead by example. Melisa doesn’t just teach from a book, but from her experience and internal wisdom.


This training is all about getting on your mat, and gaining wisdom through your own experiences. There is no substation for yoga experience. Through this training, you will connect with your authentic self you will learn to trust yourself and listen your inner guide.


Graduates say that one of the biggest benefits of yoga teacher training is personal transformation. Graduates have reported amazing changes like, meeting a partner and getting married, right after graduation, getting pregnant, changing careers, or reconnecting with a spouse - all as a result of the growth they had in YTT.


There’s no argument, class size has a direct relation to level of learning. Our classes are small in order to provide students with lots of attention and guidance and to maximize learning. Don’t get lost in the crowd of 40-80 like other trainings! Max 20 students per course for maximum learning.


One of the best parts of YTT is meeting like-minded people, make lifelong friendships, and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

"My experience with MaKa was intense, challenging, and emotional. However, I would not have changed a thing about it! Melisa pushed me beyond my comfort zone, and towards my inner spirit. She created a comfortable space for all to learn, share, and contemplate. What started as a great opportunity to study, evolved into a powerful exploration of yoga-inspired philosophy. I bonded with the passionate, like-minded people sitting beside me on the mat and made lifelong friends. This program provided the foundations of how to teach yoga, and taught me more than I thought possible marking the beginning of a life-long journey." Susan S.Type your paragraph here.