A screenshot of the exercise for the shoulder and spine

Inspired Movement for you spinal & shoulder health: Grow Your Wings

A screenshot of the video yoga coffee break

17-minute Coffee Break Yoga

A screenshot of the video on the Maka Movement

Ashtanga Primary Series Yoga Class for Every Body

A video screenshot on 30 day yoga challenge

Day 1: 30-days of Yoga

A video screenshot on Day 27 of 30 Yoga Lates with Melisa

10-minute Yoga-lates workout


A video screenshot of rainbow healing heart chakra

Heal your Heart Meditation: A Chakra Tune-Up

A screenshot of the video on 10-minutes to resilience

10-minutes to being more resilient

A screenshot of the video square breath meditation by melisa

Square Breathing to reduce stress


A video poster on how to do crooked in 8 places

How to do Crooked in Eight Places, Astavakrasana

A screenshot of Bird of paradise posture clinic

How to do Bird of Paradise, Yoga Tutorial

A screenshot of Melisa speaking on mental illness

Teaching Yoga Post-Pandemic