Postural Analysis




“Postural Analysis involves taking photos and a video of the client while standing, walking and moving in order to identify postural imbalances, sources of pain, tension or impingements. Findings of the postural analysis may include things like, favoring one side, rotation of the pelvis or ribcage, scoliosis, pronation/supination of the feet, kyphosis and lordosis.

After completing the postural analysis- Melisa will create a workout program designed specifically for your body that will help restore balance in your body, reduce pain, improve posture, increase energy and overall feeling better. Posture analysis includes two workouts, one yoga & Pilates based & one strength & cardio based and the recommended amounts of times to do the workouts. Workouts will be written out and via Video. The client is responsible for doing the workouts at the frequency suggested by Melisa or may purchase private one-on-ones with Melisa. It’s suggested to do a postural analysis annually in order to note results and adjust the program as one’s posture changes. ”


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