Corporate Wellness


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“The benefits of having healthy employees … increases productivity and job satisfaction, strengthens executive functioning and decision-making, reduces absences.

Types of classes for your corporate wellness program:

“Employee Time-out”: Performance improves with employee “time-out” sessions. These are 30-minute sessions designed to reduce stress and increase performance using movement, guided meditations, reflection and techniques to reduce stress and increase satisfaction.

Office Yoga

Office Pilates

Office Stretch

Seated Strength (bands or weights needed)

Yoga, Pilates, Stretch Combination


Goal setting workshop


4-week program: $500 (one-45-minute virtual class/week)

8-week program: $900 (one 45-minute virtual class/week)

12-week program: $1200 (one 45-minute virtual class/week)


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4-week program, 8-week program, 12-week program


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